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Delicious cakes for every occassion
Ginger & Cacao cakes are made with the finest ingredients, using only free range eggs in our cakes, couverture chocolate in buttercreams and ganaches, whole fruits in our reduced sugar jams and compotes, and pasteurised egg whites for our meringe-based buttercreams.

I also love creating flavour combinations with a nod to my Malaysian-Chinese-Japanese heritage. We were so blessed to have mango trees and passion fruit vines growing in our little garden and I remember the joy of plucking these as they ripen. Rose water and syrup are frequently used in drinks in Malaysia, and it is one of my favourite flavours and you'll see it making an appearance in many of my cakes. Most of my cakes are filled with generous layers of homemade jam or compote as I just love the contrast of textures and colours as you cut and bite into each slice.

The flavours below are available now and all throughout 2020/21, but I am also always available to discuss flavour combinations you love that might not be on my current menu.

 The Classics with a touch of G & C flair

Vanilla cake
Strawberry, rhubarb and rose jam
Vanilla buttercream

Vanilla cake
Raspberry and orange blossom jam
Vanilla buttercream

Lemon cake
Blueberry, lemon and vanilla jam
Lemon buttercream

Lemon cake
Raspberry, rose and lemon jam
Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake
Salted caramel
Chocolate buttercream

Quintessentially Ginger & Cacao

Vanilla cake
Apricot and lavender compote
Orange blossom honey buttercream

Lemon and lemon thyme cake
Blackberry and lavender jam
Lemon and vanilla buttercream

Coconut cake
Passion fruit and mango curd
Vanilla buttercream

Coconut cake
Blackcurrant and damson gin curd
Whipped caramelised white chocolate ganache

Raspberry and cardamom cake
Raspberry and rose jam
Orange blossom buttercream

Chocolate cake
Black cherry, tonka bean and vanilla compote
Chocolate and coffee liqueur buttercream

Patisserie Menu
I also offer a scrumptious range of patisserie items, perfect for wedding favours or a dessert table and these are also available now and all throughout 2020/21. As with cakes, I am also available to discuss flavour combinations you love that might not be on my current menu.

 Signature Macaron flavours for wedding and party favours

Lychee, rose and raspberry
Vanilla and Maldon sea salt caramel
Elderflower, fresh mint and Portobello Road gin

Chocolate and Earl Grey
Matcha and orange blossom
Black sesame and red bean

Pinks and reds
Raspberry, lychee and rose
Rose shell and green cardamom
Black cherry and coffee liqueur
Rhubarb, rose and strawberry

Purples and Blues
Blackcurrant and juniper gin
Forest fruits, blackberry, lavender and lemon
Lavender shell, bergamot and Earl Grey
Blueberry, sweet violets and lemon

Oranges and yellows
Passion fruit and jasmine
Lemon, juniper gin and elderflower
Apricot shell, lavender and orange blossom honey
Tangerine and orange blossom

Dessert Table Creations

French macarons
Available as favours, lollipops, tower or arranged on serving dishes

Italian meringues
Kisses, rosettes, lollipops and as cookies sandwiched with chocolate ganache

Biscuits and cookies
Iced sugar cookies
Bakery-style cookies (e.g. chocolate chip, oat and raisin)
Mauritian Napolitaines

Cakes and bakes
Mini cupcakes
Mini layer cakes
Almond friands
Chocolate brownies

Handmade chocolates
Truffles, bonbons, lollipops and mendians

Sweet mini tarts with seasonal flavours throughout the year

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